[LRUG] [JOBS] Senior developer/CTO at WodBoard

George Palmer george.palmer at gmail.com
Fri Dec 9 03:24:44 PST 2022

Hi all,

We're looking for a senior rails developer to come work with us at WodBoard
(https://www.wodboard.com/).  WodBoard is gym management software that
helps gym owners run their businesses and helps their customers, the gym
members, live healthier lives.  The name won't make any sense unless you've
walked into a functional fitness gym before so I'll move swiftly on...

The sector is besieged by long term players with out of date technology and
bad business practices.  We're seen as a refreshing alternative that's new
and upcoming.  We're a bootstrapped company so there's no VCs to answer
to.  That doesn't mean we're not ambitious though - there's a massive
market we're going after and we want to create lasting change.  As a
combination of these two things we've a heavy focus on getting stuff done.

The role has the opportunity to grow into a CTO position. That's something
I currently do but the reality is more and more of my time is being taken
up by the business side so I ultimately need to hand over the reins.

A little more about the technology part:
- We don't think it's perfect but we stay pretty true to the Rails ethos
and core stack.  Focussing on what we can achieve with the technology,
rather than the technology itself, is the most important factor for us
- We're slowly moving over to Stimulus from various Javascript frameworks
we've tried over the years - we're looking to complete this in the first
half of next year and saying goodbye to webpacker
- We have a mobile app you could also get involved in
- It's really refreshing using technology to do something that helps people
in a real world tangible way.  Changing lives and increasing health through
technology is very motivating!
- You'll need strong ownership skills.  As a small team we don't have
project managers.  You'll be responsible for your tasks so you'll need to
be good at taking ownership and reporting back to the team.
- We love simplicity.  We're fanatical about it.  This goes from our
codebase, to our infrastructure, to how we operate as a company.  It can be
harder work upfront but it sure makes life easier down the road.
- We spend a lot of time talking to our customers and understanding their
problems. This has been a strong competitive advantage over the years

If you're successful you'll be joining a team of 2 other developers and
myself.  The position is fulltime and by no means do you need to be into
health/fitness to work here.  It's a remote position but you'll need to be
on an EU timezone so there's sufficient overlap with the rest of the team.

If you'd like to apply or find out more please drop me an email to:
george at wodboard.com

We're not looking to use a recruiter for this role.

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